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What is the CFDCC?

The best way to describe CFDCC is as "IDPA with rifles". It is competative event that strives to exercise practical rifle skills in using well thought out defensive scenarios.

You cannot exercise skills you do not have. In this way, CFDCC is primarily an event for people who have had some kind of formal rifle training or some experience with competitive shooting sports.

We hold our shoots at the Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club on the third Sunday of every month.

This is a competitive event but we'd like to de-emphasize scores and minimize the amount of gamesmanship at the match. Though we rank shooters, you are not competing against each other -- you are competing against yourself. It is okay to push yourself but there is no reason to cut corners or shoot beyond your capability for the sake of having a high score. It is better to shoot within your ability while exercising sound fundamental marksmanship skills, sound tactics, and good safety habits.

We would like to emphasize the practical and defensive aspects of rifle shooting. This is an opportunity to exercise some of the things you've learned in training classes and gauge your performance.

REGISTRATION 8:00am - 8:30am

$15 Members of VCGHC
$20 Non-Members

Oh yea, we would like to have fun too!

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