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G.M. Thursday Matches

G.M. Thursday General Information

Hosted by Gorka and Manny

Run & Gun USPSA style Stages

All day Every Thursday

Rain or Shine we will have the match set up every week!

Thursdays you can come and shoot the match at any start time after 9:30am until last start time of 3:30pm (we may go to 3 designated start times in future matches, with online signup! we will know more after our 1st match!!) absolute last shot has to be fired by 5 pm, or dnf for any stages not shot by 5pm, so come early!! ! at the Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club. .22 caliber guns and Pistol Caliber carbines start from a aimed low ready, finger outside the trigger guard, safeties can be on or off. Barrels will be placed throughout the course of fire to put spare magazines on. All centerfire guns will start with gun from the holster unless otherwise specified. There will be 6 different courses of fire every week, maximum round count requirement per stage will be 32. Thursdays match total round count will be approx. 100-150 total. Any input as to the match is appreciated. Send questions or comments to

Divisions are:

Centerfire divisions

All uspsa divisions: open, limited, limited 10, production, revolver, single stack, Carry Optics, PCC

.22 divisions

.22 iron sight, .22 optic sight, .22 rifle iron, .22 rifle optic

Thursday Entry fees per shooter, 4 gun maximum:

1st & 2nd gun $20 each

3rd gun $10

4th gun free

Every entry you have on Wednesday or Thursdays match will put you in a drawing for a FREE GUN give away at the end of every 8 weeks. 1st giveaway is before Christmas!

If you have never competed before, there is a Free introduction to competition on Thursday starting at 9am please email Manny prior to coming if you have questions or would like to sign up to attend.

For additional details visit us at or on facebook, search keyword: MASS

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