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Feb. 14th IDPA video's

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Feb. 14th IDPA video's

Postby mattbatson » Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:13 pm

Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that I'll be posting vid's of my group (group 1) in the IDPA match that we had today. I tried to get video of shooters from other groups, but was only able to get a couple. I also wasnt able to use my HD flip video, which takes really good vid's, as i forgot it at home. So, I used my droid instead. I'm trying right now to download them onto my laptop. Hopefully I'll have them up by this evening. By the way, my name is same as my handle on here, matt batson. I was the guy wearing black shirt and sweats, short hair, blonde, and incredibly handsome...for those putting a name with a face. Looking forward to seeing all you guys next month at the next one. I'm gonna try and make the carbine shoot next weekend if the old lady lets me out of my cage.
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Re: Feb. 14th IDPA video's

Postby mattbatson » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:06 pm

Hey, well here is the problem :)
I'm kind of a dunce when it comes to all this technology stuff. I usually use my flip video, but forgot it so used my droid. Well, the whole time i thought I was holding the phone right side up, but was apparently holding it sideways. So all the vid's are sideways, except for a couple anyways.
Now, i tried using microsoft movie maker to somehow turn the video's right side up, but couldnt figure out how.
I can download the vid's to vimeo or youtube, but they will be sideways :)

I will try again this weekend to see if I can figure out how to fix them.
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