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Long Range Shooting Information - 201

Small groups at great distance

Long Range Shooting Information - 201

Postby goettschvcghc » Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:06 am


[reprinted for easy reference]

The below is a list of topics to do a little research on your own. I will assume we all have the basics down as far as safety, safety, and safety. This would be more of a two-hundred level and above course understanding many concepts that allow the shooter to manipulate the tools at hand to make LR hits on target.
The below topics are vast. Go as deep as you wish, some seem never-ending.

A few Long Range Shooting Topics
Basic ballistics-sorry is high school science all over again.
Check out: ... tics_0303/

Roll your own (Reload yourself or sucker your buddy into it)- one of the many ways to squeeze accuracy out of your rifle without breaking the bank. Check out:, buy one of the kits and reloading manual and be done with it. If you’re into spending cash you can’t beat a Dillon.

Ballistic Software - Learn to use it! Check out: ... tors.shtml - you have to know what your chosen load does at distance. Then you will fine tune with actual field testing. looks good too!

Trust the experts (but not everyone is an expert) - read as many viewpoints you can, then take the average. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Read Forums like: - read every article, this is a great site!

Basic Marksmanship Skills ... ifle.html- download the .pdf’s ... ndex.html- Ch. 3 Marksmanship is a great primer, forget the Sniper chapters, you’re not a sniper (yet).

Optics/Range Estimation – Not everyone shoots known distance. You can use cool laser rangefinders or use angle measuring redicals in your scope the most common is the Mil-Dot. the best Mil-dot/MOA discussion I’ve seen is ... ations.pdf
but this is for people paid attention in class, simpleton’s see: More on this later.

Optic Retailers - - great place to buy glass, rings, mounts, etc. There is a piece of glass for every budget, but you have to do your research.

Data log book (logging all the rounds fired under what conditions)- build your own or I may offer a few kits if people like what I built.

Range time-yea, you actually have to go to the range and shoot!

Articles that tie it all together:

(3 parts) ... pment/?p=1

Best, Scot

I will update this post as needed…
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Re: Long Range Shooting Information - 201

Postby The Koz » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:47 pm

Also to add to the list. A good site with printable log boog pages.
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Re: Long Range Shooting Information - 201

Postby wmsracer » Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:30 pm

Good post. I have noticed that I speak a different language than you guys. I have to get used to talking in MOA and inches. I'm used to relying too much on the computer and not doing the math in my head.

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