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The Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club would like to invite the general public and all First Responders within the County to come out and enjoy the finest firearms facility in the area. We are a member’s only range and will welcome the general public on Mondays & Wednesdays. The cost is $20.00 per day for the general public. Active duty and Retired military along with all First Responders may take advantage of this offer for only $10.00 per day. Please bring appropriate ID and enjoy a day at the range.


Please pick up and deposit your brass in the provided buckets.

Upon arrival open range day guests are required to read this document advising that eye protection is mandatory and hearing protection is optional but strongly recommended. After completing a waiver, signing in, being issued a wrist band, and paying the $20.00 range fee, you will be asked if you are shooting handguns, long guns, or both in order to assign you to a shooting location.

When signed in we will help first time guests gather stands, sticks, and cardboard backers to set up as close to the rear berm as possible. Repeat guests will be asked to verify that they know where the equipment is located and how to set it up. 

All handguns must be carried to a *shooting station fully encased in a range bag, gun case, or gun sock, to be unpacked and repacked. Handguns cannot be hand carried in a holster. Long guns must be fully encased or have the action locked open, a chamber flag inserted, magazine removed, and be pointed straight down. Chamber flags are available for $5.00 each.  

*Shooting stations are located at the gray tables within each action bay, there will only be one shooting station within each bay. A maximum of two shooters are allowed at each shooting station at one time.

Uncased guns must be stored at the shooting station, they are not allowed on the picnic tables. All guns not in use must have the actions locked open with the ejection port facing up or the cylinder open so anyone can verify that the firearms are safe. Long guns, and handguns with actions that will not stay open on its own, will require a chamber flag. Range bags and gun cases are allowed at the picnic tables, ammunition is allowed at the shooting station or picnic tables.


A shooting station table will be placed at your preferred distance, this becomes the firing line and you must shoot from that location. Open range day guests may not utilize a holster or otherwise hand carry any gun within the action bays. The above conditions are not applicable to VCGHC members as they receive special training during new member orientations specifically addressing the hand carrying of guns in the shooting bays. If shooting both handguns and long guns we will assist you in relocating the shooting station to accommodate each as necessary. When shooting at steel plates, with handguns only, we will place the shooting station at the end of the reset rope.   

Long guns are not allowed to shoot at any steel regardless of caliber.


If you wish to use the rifle range an RSO must accompany you to determine your ability to handle the gun in a safe and proficient manner. If an RSO is not available to do so you may not use the rifle range. Repeat guests will be asked to verify that they have demonstrated the ability to handle the gun in a safe and accurate manner.

*Long guns must be in a gun case or have the action locked open, a chamber flag installed, magazine removed and be pointed straight down while being transported to a shooting station, not the safe table or bench behind the shooting stations. If cased they must be unpacked and repacked at the shooting station, do not handle guns in any manner when the range is in a “cold condition”. Be extremely aware of muzzle discipline at all times while transporting guns and on the firing line. Long guns when not in use must have the action locked open with a chamber flag installed.

*With the exception of black powder long guns.



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